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Just press a button to light!

For your better and safer life, LUMOS CANDLE

When you light a candle, it is common for your hand to get burned or hurt,  and you cannot light a candle unless you have an ignition tool. While convenient and new things are invented in the world, candles still look the same.

Is not it time for the candles to change now?

LUMOS CANDLE is a magical candle that it is lighted if you just press its button. We added convenience while maintaining the analog sensibility of original candles.

Now, enjoy candles more safely and conveniently.




the world's first auto-ignition candle.

Characteristics of the LUMOS CANDLE

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Push button ignition


LUMOS CANDLE lights just by pressing its button.

Even if you have difficulty using a lighter or are uncomfortable with your hands, you can easily light it.

Natural soy wax


It is a handmade candle using only premium fragrance oil and natural soy wax with no paraffin.

Please feel the luxury of LUMOS CANDLE.

The easy changing of a candle


If you have used up your candle or want to use different fragrance of your candle, you can change the candle right away.

Try different scents depending on your mood.

Safe design


LUMOS CANDLE is designed as a form of pad to minimize influence of shaking.

The refill candle is fit into the pad stably so that it is safe for rocking.

Easy usb charging


You can charge it easily with a mobile phone charger.

You can use it for more than 4 months once it is fully charged. (Based on the use of 4 times a day)

Introduction of fragrances

Scents and candle designs will be added continuously.

Like a fragrance of the garden with early morning dew, you can feel the cool scent of nature. 


It is a refreshing fragrance spreading gently. It is as clean and refreshing as when you take in the laundry that is placed on a sunny day.


It is a fragrance that gives the impression of a peach bite. It is a fresh peach scent that anyone can enjoy.


It is a scent that gives a feeling of passing through the roses. You can feel the fragrance of a bright rose that is not heavy.

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