Just press a button to light!

For your better and safer life, LUMOS CANDLE


LUMOS CANDLE made of soy wax and wooden wicks.

Experience the incredible auto-ignition of the world's first "real candle"! 


Existing candles cannot be used without a lighter.

People often experience the danger and discomfort of using a hand tool while using a lighter or a match.

On the other hand, LUMOS CANDLE is lit as soon as the button is pressed.


When you use a candle for a long time, the wick gets deeper.

When this happens, it is difficult to use an ignition tool to light the candle.

But LUMOS CANDLE can be lit easily by pressing the button. 


1. Easy and safe use


LUMOS CANDLE can be easily and conveniently enjoyed by those who feel uncomfortable and difficult to use a lighter because it is lit by pressing the button on the pad without using an ignition tool.

인디고고_향_대지 1 사본 2.png
인디고고_향_대지 1.png

2. No paraffin


LUMOS CANDLE is a handmade soy candle without using paraffin. All products are made of high quality soy wax made in USA and selected premium fragrance oil.


3. Easy usb charging


When the lighter gas is gone, you have to go to the market and buy a new one. But LUMOS CANDLE have a built-in rechargeable battery that can be easily charged by a five-pin USB charger. Once fully charged, it can be used for more than four months if you use about 4 times a day. It is also useful for outdoor use due to its long usage time.


4. The easy changing of a candle


If the candle is used up or if you want to change the scent, simply replace the refill candle right away. Try different scent depending on your mood.


5. Safe design


LUMOS CANDLE is designed as a form of pad to minimize influence of shaking. The refill candle is fit into the pad stably so that it is safe for rocking. Try putting LUMOS CANDLE in different places from kitchen to the bedroom. It is perfect as an interior accessory as well. 

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인디고고_향_대지 1.png
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